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Dream Reach: Amani Middle School

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Goals & Dreams Presentation at Amani Public Charter School - Mt. Vernon, NY

"I think that kids will get an understanding of what affirmations are. They will use them to make dreams possible. One day if there is an affirmation in that book that gives the advice that they need, they can use it as a guide in life." - BA!LEY

"I found myself speaking to one of my scholars about their suicidal thoughts and

this book was a perfect way to build this child’s self-esteem. He really enjoyed the affirmations that we recited together and we were able to use this book as a safe conversation starter. After, I reached out to his mother and explained how I used the quotes to breathe the spirit of life back into her child. They both requested a book of their own... In that moment, I knew this book had the potential to save lives and bring meaningful conversation into many homes." - TERI SCOTT, EDUCATOR \\ AMANI


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