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Festival sponsor guest signing

Updated: Jan 21

Westchester Children's Book Festival - White Plains, NY

"I enjoyed all the books and activities there. There were also a lot of bubbles.. I really liked that I got an opportunity to share my own book. They had food trucks and a petting zoo. I got three books for myself, one of them is "Good enough to eat" It's a guide to help you remember good nutrition. It felt really nice to give my books to families." - BA!LEY

"From the first day I met Bailey at our kindergarten meet and greet, I was greatly impressed with her outgoing personality. Bailey’s eloquent vocabulary far exceeded any five-year-old I had ever encountered. She walked right up to me with such self-confidence coupled with a warm and friendly smile. She proceeded to introduce herself and expressed her excitement for the upcoming school year. I can remember standing in awe and having a sense of excitement rush over me because I immediately knew that this scholar had an extremely bright future ahead of her. Bailey is a model student who has not only been diligent in her work at school, but also has a keen interest in extracurricular activities such as writing and publishing books. You can feel her passion and love for learning by reading her first book titled “In the Wind.” Bailey is committed to helping children develop mindfulness and encourages them to pursue their goals." - Jennifer Spina, Elementary School Principal \\ CSEE

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