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"It was a beautiful day... The mural represents the spirit and energy of the AMP community and reflects their mission to uplift young people. Ashley Dopson created such a wonderful piece of art and it was so much fun to help retouch it." - B!

Founded in 2010, the Atlanta Music Project provides intensive, tuition-free music education for underserved youth right in their neighborhood.

The Atlanta Music Project believes the pursuit of musical excellence leads to the development of confidence, creativity and ambition, thus sparking positive social change in the individuals and the communities we serve.

Ashley Danielle Thomas chooses to work in spaces that are in between. These places connect people from all different backgrounds, public spaces that have intimate moments. She prefers to create on bridges, in hallways, street corners, bus stops, community centers, schools, libraries and transit stations. It is in these place that she weaves her own wondrous tales from childhood memories, old wives tales, fairy tales, cultural and historical influences. It is in her world that she has perfectly curated a space between the whimsy of a childhood coloring book and the sophistication of her experience as an educated Black American woman in the 21st century America.

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Updated: Jan 21

Goals & Dreams Presentation at Amani Public Charter School - Mt. Vernon, NY

"I think that kids will get an understanding of what affirmations are. They will use them to make dreams possible. One day if there is an affirmation in that book that gives the advice that they need, they can use it as a guide in life." - BA!LEY

"I found myself speaking to one of my scholars about their suicidal thoughts and

this book was a perfect way to build this child’s self-esteem. He really enjoyed the affirmations that we recited together and we were able to use this book as a safe conversation starter. After, I reached out to his mother and explained how I used the quotes to breathe the spirit of life back into her child. They both requested a book of their own... In that moment, I knew this book had the potential to save lives and bring meaningful conversation into many homes." - TERI SCOTT, EDUCATOR \\ AMANI

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Updated: Dec 30, 2019

StoryTime, FamilyTalk w/ Strive Higher at T-Mobile - Mount Vernon, NY

"I like to get the opportunity to speak to kids and encourage them to be whoever they want to be in their every day lives," - BA!LEY

"We were beyond thrilled when we connected with Dreamreacher Creative. We were looking for a book that could serve as an introduction to the importance of inspirational words and one that would help parents have meaningful conversations with their children. Their book, In the Wind , was exactly what we were looking for. The book provides kid-friendly affirmations, which can also serve as prompts for conversations with children. We invited the family to join us for storytime and the event was an absolute success! Both the children and the parents enjoyed the affirmations and the discussions that followed." - OLGA BAEZ, FOUNDER \\ STRIVE HIGHER INC.

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